Monday day… What day of isolation is it?

Its all starting to become a new normal, the Easter holidays are over and nothing really has changed, well apart from we are back to a routine, which is better for me, but my partner is doing the homeschooling.

I cannot get my head round the way they do stuff and its makes me so angry, not at monkey but whoever changed the way its now done, they way I did it when I was at school worked just as well.

It is so frustrating, but my partner seems to have gotten a handle on it. So this works a bit better for us, hopefully it wont be much longer, although his school have been really good.

Thats it really, my updates are getting really boring, my anxiety seems to have leveled out and I am staying in, my partner is the shop person, so if we need anything he is the one going out.

Thursday is going to be interesting though, supermarkets have put a limit on how much you can order online, if youeven manage to get a slot. 80 items is not alot, so we are going to have to brave the shops and because we don’t have a car, it will be all of us, as we can’t leave Monkey alone and he is another person to be able to carry stuff.

It probably wouldn’t be too bad, but when you are picking up pet food and litter we have effectivly ruled out my partner carrying anything else and probably half of me.

It means its going to be a couple of trips, when they could just take off the damn 80 limit, so something to look forward to

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7 Responses to Monday day… What day of isolation is it?

  1. Carol Anne says:

    enjoy the trip to the supermarket! Or I hope you did, you’ve done it now. X

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