I am sleeping a lot more than normal, not sure what that means at the minute.

I also let my partner have a lie in, that was nice of me, but it also meant me doing the homeschooling, we have once again proved this is a shit idea.

I get so angry at how they learn things in maths, they just seem to make it more complicated than they should do.

It just builds up in me, at how annoying it is. I will say though, Monkey seems to understand it, so I am not sure who is teaching who at the minute.

He is reading the Twits, which we are both really enjoying and then answering the questions, so far I haven’t had to use google, so go me.

And now we are learning about South America, the thing that has annoyed me about this, is we they haven’t said which part of South America although it seems to be concentrating on the Rain Forest, so that narrows it down to 9.

I probably wouldn’t mind if they said just the rain forest, but they did say South America.

We did manage to sail through it all, even though there was some choppy waters.

Still looking forward to my shopping trip on Thursday

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5 Responses to Tuesday

  1. morgueticiaatoms says:

    I am at wits’ end trying to help my kid with this idiotic common core math they are teaching. Six steps to arrive at the answer I could get in 2 steps is asinine and testing my patience. I admire teachers so much more now.

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  2. I am envious! I was awoken at 5am yet again!


  3. Carol Anne says:

    awww! sorry the homeschooling is so irritating, they do have weird ways of teaching kids nowadays, I think so anyway. X

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