So I usually don’t get involved

But seriously what the fuck is going on with Trump?

The UK has problems, no matter what you think of BoJo whether he got COVID19 or not, I think we can all clearly say the government has been running very nicely without him.

Rumours have it, that he might resign, which if I am going to be honest, now is the time. He can site ill health and the fact he is going to have a new baby, arguments against this is, he has been after this job his whole entire life, and he is unsure how many children he actually has, so a new baby is not going to disrupt this.

But back to my main point, what the fuck is going on with Trump? His daily briefings have left me and probably a lot of other people with their jaws on the floor.

The bleach and UV comments must have been the tipping point for many of his followers, followed by the fact he was being sarcastic and then saying he refuses to take any more press briefings because the media lies.

How is the media lying, they film the fucking things live.

I am all for the fact that the media is biased, but on this one, I honestly dont think they were. Maybe its because so many other leaders had to say for fuck sake do not drink bleach, while trying not to laugh.

But I am really worried about the USA, maybe Mexico is starting to regret not building that wall, not keep them out of the States but to keep the Americans out of Mexico.

What about Canada? I technically still own that, I am worried about the people.

Yeah, I might be being facetious about the whole thing. But Chris on a bike, this is bad and I thought we were in the shit.


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28 Responses to So I usually don’t get involved

  1. Elect an idiot and idiocy reigns. Don’t look at me. I didn’t vote for this fucker.

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  2. Anya Abraham says:

    He’s really going at it with everything he’s got 😂 even though he’s got the worst information ever.

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  3. Cyranny says:

    Oh my… I saw the press conference live, and I just couldn’t believe it. I think it’s safe to say that money can’t buy common sense, and I would have laughed if I hadn’t been horrified to see our neighbours’ leader suggesting such ridiculous things. Sarcasm? Oh come on!!

    I feel for my American friends. It must be scary to be led by a clown.

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  4. Suze says:

    honey..Trump is certifiably insane..unfortunately his followers and the congressmen who are greedy sob’s want to keep the jerk because they can talk him into almost anything that benefits their pocket-books.

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  5. Joshua Shea says:

    I don’t think his followers really care about Trump the man. If they did, they’d pick a different demagogue than someone who was a lifelong Democrat and is about the most un-Christian person you can find leading up to his run for President. I think that they like the fact that he represents a mindset that they see eroding in America. Remember, America is huge. There are pockets are very different kinds of people depending on where you go. He appeals to those pockets of people who see a rural, non-technology driven way of life disappearing. These are people who are used to a homogenous peer group and are generally scared by people and things who are different than they are….and are noticing that people who are unlike them are starting to get closer. They don’t trust people who are smarter than them, nor people who wish to be. They grew up in a world where their parents were correct and you didn’t question them. Donald Trump is a master at tapping into the fear of these people and getting them to react out of fear.

    It’s really not about him at all, because I don’t think he believes…or even understands…a great amount of what he is given to say, nor does he care. He is about power and control and has figured out how to have both and play to a group that doesn’t want to examine things too closely. And he’s surrounded by people who have also figured out there is a lot of money and power that comes to catering to this group of people.

    What you see on TV are usually smart people who are from one of the coasts. Unfortunately to these people, smart = liberal = bad person. Most people you see on TV are not Trump supporters. There are just millions of people in the middle and southern parts of the country you don’t see on TV, so you’re left wondering how we got to where we are. America is simply full of scared people who don’t want things to change…it doesn’t matter what it is…they just don’t want anything to change.

    The bigger problem is the group of people who are anti-Trump who dismiss him and his followers as idiots. They are not idiots, even if they don’t like smart people. The people who like Trump are very similar and very good at organizing. The people who dislike Trump are very different from one another and can’t agree on much, aside from disliking Trump. That’s how you end up with a horrible option like Joe Biden as the alternative. The Democratic Party had a lot of dynamic candidates…but everyone liked THEIR dynamic candidate and when it got down to the safe guy and the last dynamic guy, people went with the old white guy. I think ultimately, his vice presidential choice will determine whether he wins the election or not. Say what you will about the pro-Trump people, and there is plenty to be said, they are loyal. Anti-Trumpers are not. They also think they are better than those who support Trump, but in a system where each vote is equal, it’s mathematically not true.

    45% are going to vote for Biden and 45% are going to vote for Trump…that’s a given and those people are already a lock. It’s the other 10%…the people like me who don’t vote based on party…who will decide this election. And at this point, I’m probably leaning Biden, but it’s not going to take much to make me lean the other way. Both of these guys have a lot of work to do.

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  6. homeschoolguru says:

    Lol obviously the world agrees with you. It’s kind of too astonishing to even know how to react.

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  7. Carol Anne says:

    well, what is up with trump is, he’s a conceited asshole, a dick, a gobshite! That’s what. He’s crazy, bat shit crazy. Xxx

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