*Reblog* We are not on the same boat

This really sums up how I am feeling

Forty Something Life As We Know It

As a Forty Plusser, I am really scared and confused about the future. I, like the rest of the world have no clue what the end result will be… Covid-19… Coronavirus…


I keep hearing that everyone is in the same boat. But it’s really not like that. We are in the same storm yes, but we are not in the same boat.
Your ship can be shipwrecked and mine cannot. Or vice versa.

For some, quarantine is optimal and full of moments of reflection, of reconnection and peace. Life is easy in flip flops, with a glass of Coke or or a cup of tea in hand.
For others, this is a desperate crisis. For others it is facing real loneliness. For some it means peace, rest time and a bit of a holiday.
For others, this is torture as they wonder…

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