Trina Inquires 5/5/20

ketchup or Mayo?


Mine is Mayo

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22 Responses to Trina Inquires 5/5/20

  1. I love Ketchup and prefer Miracle Whip. I don’t like Mayonnaise. xD

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  2. KTC says:

    Mayonnaise for me… I am really fond of ketchup.

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  3. KTC says:

    NOT fond of ketchup… Proofreading is key before you send… 🙂

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  4. Utopia says:

    Ketchup definitely.

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  5. Cyranny says:

    Both! And also both “real” mayo and Miracle Whip… But no condiment equals remoulade!! Yumm!

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  6. Amanda Cade says:

    Depends on what I’m eating. Ketchup for burgers and fries, mayo for sandwiches. Well, more like Miracle Whip (it’s a mayo alternative).

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  7. Joshua Shea says:

    I hate Miracle Whip…too tangy…but I think we should all agree to keep what it is secret at this point from Trina. I actually dislike both. More of a brown mustard guy.

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  8. Carol Anne says:

    Mayo here too, but i like chili mayo and taco mayo!

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