That feels a bit better

This weekend was a very productive weekend, on Saturday I managed to spring clean both of the bedrooms.

Monkey’s room looked like a bomb had gone off and exploded with lego and pokemon cards, so by the time I had finished it looked like a brand new room and we once again had the conversation about keeping his room nice and tidy.

My room also looked bad, but because Monkey has decided that he likes playing in there. That now looks a lot better and a conversation with Monkey about respecting other people’s room.

Sunday, I cleaned the bathroom to within an inch of its life, it didn’t really need it as such, but I got those annoying jobs out the way like the tiles right at the top, that you have climb on the bath to clean.

So all in all it was fairly good. I also cooked a decent curry on Sunday, its rare I get these as both Monkey and my partner hate curry, so I told them it was chicken in sauce and it seemed to go well.

Anxiety and depression seem to be managable this weekend, so I am taking this weekend as a win.

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5 Responses to That feels a bit better

  1. Oh my! Can you come and work your magic on my house, please? Bomb site is exactly the right term.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    I will take a win any weekend! I love curry! In fact I am making one this weekend for next weeks dinner or one of them. xoxo

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