Sleep screwed but this time there is probably a reason

I fell asleep at 9pm and woke up at about 12.30am, finally managed to fall back asleep at around 2am and woke up again at 5am.

I knew my sleep was going to be distrupted because at the moment it is, however I am also a bit worried, my partner is going back to work today, brilliant because we were starting to get low on money, but I am not sure they are putting anything in place for him.

Also it means that I am not officially in charge of homeschooling. Its not going to be a fun day

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10 Responses to Sleep screwed but this time there is probably a reason

  1. Employers have to put safeguards in place, its a legal requirement.. There are government guidelines (issued yesterday which is frankly stupidly late). A quick google got this:

    I’m sure will have some nice clear advice soon — Its where we go for all sorts of guidance and support.

    ….and breathe…………. 🙂

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  2. Carol anne says:

    gees, so sorry they haven’t put something in place for your partner, my sleep is a bit shit too. xoxo

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  3. Brandon says:

    Best of luck, these are interesting times! 🤔

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