So back to feeling fine?

During the last 8 weeks, I like many other people have gone from fine to depressed to back to being fine but anxious then back to depressed. A whole range of emotions, some days it has been tough to even get out of bed, other days I have bounced out of bed and run round like a maniac.

At the moment, I seem to be fine, not great just fine, which I will take.

I just need to get through the next two weeks, although we now know that Monkey will not being going back to school on the 2nd June.

However, my partner will be going back to work. He did go back for a few days last week, but it was decided that he is non essential retail, so can’t open.

We shall wait and see, we really need to get him back, so he can start earning as we are starting to full behind, which is gutting as we were just caught up and doing well.

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4 Responses to So back to feeling fine?

  1. Anya Abraham says:

    You’ll feel great soon. All of this will ride over and things will be better 🙂

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  2. Carol anne says:

    I’ve gone through the whole range of emotions also during covid! I am just coming out the other side now! Feel anxious tonight though but not due to the virus! Other stuff going on here!

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