Part time PM

I don’t like Boris Johnson, if that was not clear before I would think it is now.

He is a PM elected for one reason and one reason only, to get Brexit done. It was just bad luck that during this, a pandemic has hit the country and he ended up getting it.

One of the things I try and avoid doing is looking back and saying well that herd immunity idea was shit. Because maybe at the time it seemed a sensible idea and the science backed it.

The UK locked down late, according to everyone, but 8 weeks in and people are starting to ignore the rules, so if we had locked down sooner, we probably would have been ignoring the rules earlier. I remember them saying if we lock down to early it will be meaningless because people will start breaking the rules.

Also as it stands the UK is very divided, different countries are doing different things. In England the lockdown has lifted slightly, the other three are still very much lockeddown.

Now I say lockeddown, but the UK’s lock down was no where near, say somewhere like Spain, we were still able to go out, go to the shops, etc.

But back to Johnson, my issue with him, is he is no where to be seen, the other First Ministers are doing daily press briefings and interviews on various news programms. The actual Prime Minister of the UK has fucked off somewhere  and is only to be seen on a Wednesday in the Houses of Parliament getting his arse handed to him.

I want him to be handling the press briefings and actually dealing with this pandamic, not being invisable.

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3 Responses to Part time PM

  1. Carol anne says:

    that is awful. i cant believe he is doing that. some prime minister he is right?

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  2. Hélène says:

    I couldnt agree more with you. It also frustrates me that he comes across as so indecisive when we need matter of fact, straight to the point


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