Really, I mean really???

In today’s daily press briefing, they sent out Oliver Dowden, don’t worry if you don’t know who he is, I am not even sure the people of Hertsmere know who he is, and he is their MP.

He is the Culture Secretary, for those wondering, not the Prime Minister, not the Deputy, not even the Chancellor of the exchequer, the flipping Culture Secretary is taking the daily fucking briefing, I do wonder if they are running out of people who want to run the gauntlet of questions from an ever increasing pissed off press and people.

I am not a massive fan of comparing different countries, but even fucking Trump is doing daily briefings, although there is the argument that maybe he should stop.

Its starting to be a joke now, how the fuck are we meant to be able to trust Johnson, if he won’t even face us, added to this, now the Government are starting to think, we may have fucked up slightly, who can be blame and eyeing up the scientists.

This is going to get so much worse if Britain ever get out of it, but the way it is going, the rest of the world, is going to throw up a massive wall round us and never talk of us again.

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10 Responses to Really, I mean really???

  1. morgueticiaatoms says:

    Trump’s briefings have become so asinine and focused on him patting himself on the back and attacking everyone who does not agree with him, I’ve taken to watching briefings from the governors of New York and California. They seem to be focused on health and economy and know what they are doing, even if they’re not my states.

    I am still trying to figure out Trump’s Tweet about Biden and Obama being the reason he’s in the white house. They did their two terms and weren’t eligible for reelection, is he not aware of how our own system works?

    Incompetence seems to be the in thing these days as far as government is concerned. I pity us all on that level.

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  2. I think Trump needs to stop talking in public all together. 🙂

    I like that you are very well aware it seems of your politics. I personally gave up caring and got so tired of being frustrated with everything a long time ago. Being educated and self aware of your government or political concerns only matters if you are willing to fight for it and change things. I personally was apparently too scared to do anything and had more selfish concerns to worry about I guess. I don’t mind Canada’s current PM Trudeau as a Canadian who has some very liberal beliefs etc. I don’t know his entire background or ideas especially considering I am residing in the states currently, but most calls I hear from time to time I tend to support and say good for Canada, now why can’t Trump do the same for his own fucking people? I don’t mean have the same ideas as Trudeau, but I mean like at least listen to his nation and if not, at least stop embarrassing them by his idiocy. Luckily I gave up being so passionate long before Trump came into office, other wise being their friendly neighbor, ties to Canada and now living in the USA I would be a lot more outraged than I am. The next election is going to be a reality tv show tbh and offers no hope for The American people. The fact they can’t see just how stupid this really is “trump vs some old guy who hopefully won’t have a heart attack in his first term if elected” (not ageism, just look at Obama before and after handling such a grueling position…not to mention Biden’;s history and he is the perfect candidate for Trump to actually run against if he wants to be reelected) is a joke. I am sure most Americans do see it and they are frustrated. The USA right now is probably the most corrupt and broken nation right now, at least out of the modern ones….and they need a revolution. That is the only thing that will save them or else they risk serving powerful corporations and leaders who do not have their needs or wishes at heart. But I question if all our countries are in this together and are all plotting against us. I don’t trust anyone really in any office or serving corporations etc. But like I shared I kinda just said eff it, let’s just hope our leaders don’t get us killed or start a world war. But if we are seriously pissed about our governments etc, we will have to fight to get it back. Until then I am guilty by doing nothing. 🙂

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  3. I’m increasingly embarrassed and dismayed to be British. Anger makes my diabetes worse, so I jokingly say that I’m delegating my anger to my eldest son (a politics student). However, Johnson and his crew of evil bastards have killed people, including NHS staff.

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    • I think it frustrates me more when I see someone like Sturgeon doing the press briefings and interviews on a daily basis. I am not even saying he needs to do every briefing, one or two a week will do me, but the fact that they wheeled out the cultural minister, in a time when none of anything he might be in charge of is planned to open for at least another month is just stupid

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  4. Carol anne says:

    that’s nuts!

    Johnson should be doing the daily briefings!
    stupid fucking wimp! I cant believe he sent a damn culture secretary to do it! Numpty!

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