Well, this is fun

This weekend news broke that a man called Dominic Cummings travelled 260 miles with his wife who was experiencing COVID19 symptoms and his 4 year old to his parents house.

Normally you would be thinking what a twat, how dare he and then it resigned to some people are just idiots. The problem is, who Dominic Cummings actually is, he is the chief aid to our PM, he probably came up with the rules for lockdown, which clearly state if you or any member of your family think you have COVID19, then stay at home for 14 days. Other silly little rules, which include do not travel to a second home and no non essential travel.

The Government formed a circle round this guy, whose excuse was, if he got ill (at the time he didn’t have the symptoms) he thought his son might be extremely vulnerable and wanted to make sure he was looked after, the only slight problem with this, is that his wife’s brother lives just down the road.

Nearly all our top Government officials clambered to start saying how he was looking after his wife and child and this was alright, he self isolated, then the newspapers dropped the next story that he was then seen 20 miles away having a day trip.

So not only did this guy break his own rules, he had the Government saying how alright it was, while not knowing they were going to be dropped in it.

The other reason why this is so important, is 2 top scientists have done similar sort of things and they have quit. Added to this Cumming’s wife is a reporter who in her magazine claimed to be in London.

The PM is refusing to sack him and Cummings is refusing to quit (as of Sunday afternoon) who knows what will happen over the next 24 hours.

Its not just that he has done this, its the fact that now he has become the story and we are distracted by that instead of the important things, like what the fuck is going on in Britain.

This should be a fun week, but the most important question is whether we are going to see our PM answering these questions instead of the poor guy they have out at the moment, trying to answer them.

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3 Responses to Well, this is fun

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  2. Carol anne says:

    wow! what an asshole! a real idiot. I mean, who does things like this? only a fool, that’s who. xoxo

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