So the school situation

It looks like Monkey is not going to go back to school till at least September, this is the best situation at the moment. I can’t imagine, the government trying to force all the English year groups back before they break in the summer, but I could be wrong.

However, here is where I feel the government may have played a blinder. In the UK we are formed of 4 different Nations each have their own devolved parliament, so although they are ruled by the UK government, the devolved parliament actually makes the day to day decisions on their nation.

There seems to be a bit of political play between the Scottish Minister and the PM in some way, but I will also say, the Scottish Minister has been out day after day reassuring people, doing interviews and daily press briefings, she has lockdowned Scotland for longer, as did Wales and Northern Ireland.

Here is when we hit the slight issue, while England is starting to open up schools, its unlikely the other 3 will, but both Scotland and Northern Ireland break up earlier and start earlier than England and Wales.

In England and Wales, we break up Mid July, Scotland and Northern Ireland Mid June. Which means when the schools go back Scotland and Northern Ireland are going to be the test subjects to see how this is going to work. Meanwhile the government just sit back and watch, for a month or so and then decide if it is going to work.

Of course the other Parliments could go fuck this, not sending them back till its proved to be safe, but you can’t send people back to work with no childcare or schooling in place.

Its going to be an interesting few months, hopefully this doesn’t make the union apart altogether.


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6 Responses to So the school situation

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    Kind of similar here in the US. Most places have no school until fall and wearing masks (or not) shows which political party you align with. Sigh….

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  2. Carol anne says:

    it will definitely be an interesting few months. I am glad the school in England aren’t going back though. It was to risky. xoxo

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  3. I don’t know what the answer to this nightmare is. Workplaces are starting to reopen, and some jobs just can’t be done from home. People are saying that they’re frightened they’ll lose their jobs or that their self-employed businesses will collapse if schools don’t reopen, and they can’t even ask grandparents to help out under the current circumstances.

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    • I don’t either and the other people who are going to suffer other than the kids are probably going to be women, best case is that they do manage to open summer clubs, but I think employers are only going to be sympathetic for a short while longer

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