Well this is going from shit to shit

Sod the Coronavirus, our government is a lot more interesting.

I mentioned roughly what was happening, but I wrote this on the Sunday

But boy, did things start getting more fun. Cummings the PM chief’s aid did a press conference and answered questions, this is unheard of in UK politics, that an non elected official does this, they should stay out the limelight. Infact they have some sort of rule which actually says that.

He also did it in Number 10 (where our PM lives) in the rose garden, which is usually used for massive political change briefings.

The basic it of it was, yes he did it, he was worried about security (its a damn good job we don’t pay a massive amount of taxes for their security) he didn;t go up and down another 2 times, but he did do a drive for 30 minutes to check he was ok to drive back down to London because he was worried about his eyesight. This just happened to be on his wife’s birthday.

What this basically means, is this government have used up a shit ton of political points to save this guy.

Then and this was brilliant, they unfurloughed our PM and he actually did 2 daily briefings, in the second one it was suddenly clear as to why Cummings held his press conference because it could mean Johnson could turn around and say you should have asked him when you had the chance.

The story is still rumbling on and I don’t think its going to go away, lots of people know people who have had a loss or have lost someone themselves and not been able to do anything because they have followed the rules.

It keeps popping up on twitter and the reporters keep asking questions about it, I don’t like johnson, but I think he has really fucked up keeping this guy, which then makes me think what the hell does this guy have on our PM.

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4 Responses to Well this is going from shit to shit

  1. Cummins is to Johnson as Rod Hull was to Emu……. 😉

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  2. Carol anne says:

    god! he really fucked up didn’t he? Wow!

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