So proud to be British?

On Saturday the Black Lives Matter movement were due to protest, it was called off due to far right wing groups, or racists wanting to protect statues, or wanting to protest against them.

What then happened was horrific, having no BLM people to beat up, they instead attacked the police, innocent people picnicking and I think each other. I mean there was an argument between a white lives matter person and all lives matter person.

I say person, I do mean mainly white men. No matter where you stand on the whole statue issue or even tv programmes being pulled at the minute, no one, other than those who stand with racists, will say what happened on Saturday was anything short of fucked up.

In interviews, they were all trying to give their reasons as to why they were there without saying, because I am a racist. Just come out with it.

I think part of this is because of the history education we get in the UK, it literally goes William the Conqueror, something about the dark ages and the plague, discovering America, Henry 8th, Spanish Armada a small bit of Queen Victoria, normally how long she reigned, WW1, WW2 and how great Churchill was.

You ask any child educated in the UK they can tell you more about Henry 8th and his damn wives rather than how the British became an empire and what they did.

The British were shit to a good 90% of the world, do I think we should celebrate it with statues no. Do I think we should learn about and from it, absolutely, we are doing no favours by white washing (ironic) it from our education. We can’t pretend bad stuff in every country history hasn’t happened, that is just wrong, we need to learn from it.

So no, I am not proud to be British at the moment. But the worst of this, is its not a small minority, its a good 43% of the voting population and that is the biggest majority that the government have ever had.



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26 Responses to So proud to be British?

  1. says:

    Thanks for posting this as I’m not all that proud of my United States right now either. As you said about history, it is being taught to highlight white achievements, not the atrocities that have been committed. I was never into history until my junior year of high school. My teacher brought it alive by telling us things that never made it into the history books.

    To top it off we have a leader who is so arrogant, self centered, and blind to history that he has no clue as to the dangers we face. He has no clue what a danger ANTIFA is let alone where it came from or what it believes.

    Wr can only move forward by knowing the past, in all if its ugliness. Like someone said, “the truth shall set you free”. One can only hope.

    Larry (Hokey) Hoke

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  2. How much do you actually know about BLM? Do you know how they are funded, who sponsors them? What radical groups piggyback on them, exploit their protests to cause havoc and violence?
    P.S. terms like “white men”
    Used in a blanketed derogatory or accusatory way due to skin color – white and male – gender, is every bit as racist and offensive as doing so with black men. You can’t fix a problem by exacting the same behavior and speech on others nor defeat a monster by becoming the monster you’re fighting.

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  3. I am not proud to be an American at the moment. There are others who think they are more American than me who wants the damn place more than I do.

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  4. fakeflamenco says:

    Sorry to hear about the violence on Saturday. My two cents about BLM is they are an organization dedicated to the positive transformation of society so that all races can live in peace. On their website they say: “We embody and practice justice, liberation, and peace in our engagements with one another.” Peaceful protests are often disrupted by a violent few who do not share the nonviolent principles of the group. ( not just this year, this often happens) -Rebecca

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  5. Scenes like the ones we had on the weekend were going to happen sometime soon and I don’t say that lightly. It’s been festering since Brexit, and those bigots people were going to explode at some point.
    Am I proud to be British? I’d say yes because in simple terms there are more good understanding people in the UK who out weigh the louts. Also, it’s a country where you can practice your faith without question. Unfortunately where we have fallen over is by giving these racists (across all classes) a platform and voice to air their views. If you invite the wolf into your house, he’ll cause some havoc somewhere for sure.
    As for history, in total agreement! Why don’t they teach the kids about Windrush, the British Empire and Colonialism. That needs a huge re-think if you want to tackle the source and educate the generation better.

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  6. I am very sorry to hear these events happen, a lot of craziness have been happening lately and it’s very scary. As citizens we need to unite more than ever now against the most powerful governments and those few who remain ignorant.

    I was never proud to be Canadian as a Canadian citizen…I did not choose where I was born, I was born in Canada by chance. I don’t believe in pride or lines on a map. I believe it divides us even more and has been the light of many problems in our world, but that is just my personal beliefs. If one is to say they are proud to be a citizen in their country, I would hope that person actually fights for their rights and actually does something that makes their country better. A lot of Americans say they are proud to be American without realizing they are doing nothing to deserve to even say that, or what it even means not to mention it is one of the most hated nations for many reasons etc. It is some lie the powers to be feed them so they can continue their on slaught of pretty much everything etc. If I was a citizen in the USA I’d be anything, but proud. Perhaps even embarrassed and ashamed. Even though I am very involved in such things, I just never believed in such things for some reason. I just everyone to have a safe home, equal rights and freedoms. That no one is better than one another. Where you are born is just the luck of the draw or where your parents decided to reproduce. Haha.

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    • That is very true, but at the moment, it certainly feels like Britain is out on its own, what with leaving the EU and how for an island we having one of the worst death rates for COVID19

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      • Unfortunately yes I can see why it feels that way. Oh wow I had no idea you guys had one of the worse death rates. USA is about to hit a second wavem probably going to have to shgut down society again cause people are ignorant and can’t sit home for more than 5 minutes the government has to babysit them with specific instructions. I think reopening the states slowly was dangerous and stupid. Now especially with all the protests we are seeing a spike in numbers again. I was told by my doctor to not be fooled, the numbers have not dropped, they just stopped testing as many people and they are not sharing the death rates etc. Also shared just how painful and awful it is to die from COVID 19. Scary times. You are not alone I promise you that. ❤ Stay safe and take care of yourself.

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      • I think it goes USA, Brazil and then UK, for biggest death toll. Considering how small we are compared to both those countries its scary

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      • Its a scary time at the moment

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  7. Carol anne says:

    I saw all the commotion in the UK at the weekend! It was awful!
    Very sad people have to resort to this type of behaviour!

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