I think its getting to me

I really struggled to get up this morning, once I did I managed to get things done, but it took so long and then I sat down to watch the daily press conference about what the Government is doing and when I can see my family again.

The MP started talking about football, where he promptly got yelled at by me, then he started banging on about choirs.

It was at that point I called him a bumblefuck. No I have no idea what one is either, but its him.

We are something like 12 weeks in, they are allowing football, horse racing and darts to take place and yet my son still can’t go to school and some get some education which doesn’t involve learning new swear words.

On that however, I was very pleased when I heard his teacher say on her video, today we are going to learn about simplifying the fraction, so I now no longer have to grit my teeth when he talks about 4/8 and we can finally call it a half.

Also, I managed to get to the supermarket and I am really chuffed with myself for doing it. We went for cereal mainly, got 3 rucksacks load and 3 hours later my partner tells me we forgot the damn cereal.


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26 Responses to I think its getting to me

  1. Hang in there. This too shall pass. 🙂

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  2. Janis says:

    Oh man! That cereal thing sucks…
    And I had a laugh about 4/8 — thank God for your son’s new fraction lessons!!! I can imagine your frustration… But hang in there… We’re closer to breaking free!

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  3. It’s doesn’t make sense does it? You would think education is more important than horse racing and football. Not to mention, teachers and supervisors can instill better safety guidelines than a crowd of people at a sports event. Same thing is happening here, schools are shut down until the new school session at the end of summer I believe, but everything else is opening up and going on like nothing ever happened. Between the chaos and society not listening to any polite guidelines such as masks should still be worn, try to minimize the people you go out with or at all etc…instead people are going out with like a crowd of 20 people just anywhere to hang out without masks etc…and to no surprise a lot of states are seeing a huge spikes in cases again. Pretty sure we will be shut down again by mid summer. Yay for the government and society!

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  4. Personally the lockdown never bothered my mental sanity too much, I am a home body and a loner anyways. In fact, I will kinda miss it. So I am still acting as if the lockdown should still be in place. I get out for walks or bike rides etc with my husband in places I can be far away from people, but other than that I am either at work or at home. Thankfully I work the night shift and our store hours are still kinda limited for now. So I only have to deal with customers for like 2 and a 1/2 hours of my shifts.

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  5. Carol anne says:

    Thank god they simplified the fractions! 😛 Bumblefuck, lol! I love it!

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