Did you know?

Its not normal to feel so exhausted after going out that you need to go to bed?

There are people out there who go to the shops, come home and still do shit?

Are you one of these people? How do you do it?

I am being slightly facetious because I use to be one of these people, but its such a long time ago that the memory is very faded. I guess I am struggling with the fact that I am not even half way through my working life and I am going to have to go back to work at some point, but just can’t envisage a time when going out isn’t going to exhaust me, let alone going out to work for 8 hours and then coming home to do housework, cook tea and talk to family.

Yet people do this all the time, how?

I know this is what I have been working towards and I can’t put it off forever, but I feel like since the government told me its ok to stay at home, something has gone off in my head to say well not much point in doing anything and then when they said I can go out again. Something in my head said, ignore the fuckers they don’t know what they are talking about.

Anyway I am just musing at the moment. I need to expand my world and I am not sure how to do that at the moment.

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2 Responses to Did you know?

  1. Carol anne says:

    I don’t know how people do it! I had an apt with Dr. Barry today, that’s my psychiatrist, I was so exhausted afterwords, my mom had come over and I couldn’t wait for her to leave so I could go to bed and rest! I did work on friendly call for an hour or so but after that I crashed hard!

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