That was fun

Yesterday we saw my mum for the first time since March, we had a lovely picnic, I was out of my comfort zone, apart from my partner I haven’t interacted with another adult since about April, even when I go to the shops, I tend to avoid everyone.

I would love to say its because I am responsible, but its mainly because humans give me massive anxiety. However that seems to be working for me.

Now, we just have to prep for school (hopefully) on Monday. I started by getting up at 7am this morning. I am trying to get my body clock on at least some sort of kilter, so that we are on time and ready to go come Monday. Just waiting on hearing from the school now.

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2 Responses to That was fun

  1. Carol anne says:

    a picnic sounds nice. I love them but people well crowds give me serious anxiety also!

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