Well this is amusing

Sometime between me going to the shops and me going out with my mum. I have managed to pick up a cold (yes just a cold not the dreaded COVID)

Although my partner could have bought it home, I am keeping that option only incase I need to blame him, I have felt shitty all day and so tired, despite sleeping really well last night. I have napped on and off after we finished schooling.

But its not really helped, I managed to fall asleep at about 9pm, and then woke up at hour ago feeling fairly bad but wide a fucking wake.

Hopefully the tiredness is going to hit me again, I do find it fairly amusing that my partner goes out to work every day and is as fit as a fiddle, I move out my flat twice in god knows how many weeks and pick up a cold.

Maybe the going out, has exhausted me and my body is just reacting to that, hopefully by tomorrow, I will be more my usual sarcastic self.

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6 Responses to Well this is amusing

  1. fakeflamenco says:

    Chicken soup and TLC. Hope you’re feeling well soon.

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