Well if you do leave it up to the sense of the public

This weekend our pubs were open for the first time in 3 months. Looking at all the photos on the news, lockdown seems to have stopped and no one gives a shit anymore.

Problem is that is not the case, our PM was banging on about being sensible, social distancing and all that, but once you get a few beers into you, chances are social distancing is going to go out the window.

Some pubs, you had to register for a slot, order online and could only stay for 2 hours, other pubs just opened their doors. Like one of the pubs near me, which at 4pm had 3 police cars outside it.

Now we just watch and hope, this second wave doesn’t hit us. Maybe we will get lucky.

Meanwhile our government has bailed out one of the biggest pub chains in the country, by giving something like £48m and thoughtfully given the whole entertainment industry which is still basically shut, £50m. I am sure its got nothing to do with the fact that generally the entertainment industry is left winged and critical of the right winged government and the guy who owns the pub is our PM’s friend. Nop nothing to do with that.

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11 Responses to Well if you do leave it up to the sense of the public

  1. The same thing happened in the USA for a little while. No one respected masks, social distancing or any of the advisable guidelines. The other night bars officially closed down again and lock down is not far behind. It will probably be the same in the UK I presume. So reopening society when most people are um…what would be the word? Ignorant, moronic etc???? was a waste of time and just delayed the nation’s chance in beating the virus. YAY. I am not surprised though, society has stopped failing to surprise me and I hardly get disappointed anymore I just expect it. :/ It’s the norm when I leave my house everyday. Haha

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  2. Things have been pretty ‘open’ (relaxed) across the pond here for months, some places (like where I live in Utah) didn’t even close down really, just stopped having things like in restaurant dining and such. You can see where that kind of attitude and disregard has gotten America too. We’re deeply in the shite over here. Everything is messed up and all that’s done is point out that our ‘leaders’ don’t have a clue about how to make important decisions nor that they care about the people they’re supposed to ‘lead’. I dreaded this day coming, but here we are. Take care dear. At least you’ve retained your sense of humor!

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Some of our pubs are opened, but only those serving food, and you have to book a 2 hour slot. The rest of the pubs are meant to be opening on the 20th, but now they are saying they may push it back a little bit.

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