*Reblog* Thank you… Again!

This is really a lot of fun and if you are about I recommend you drop in, if anything you might get to see me in a hat

Cyranny's Cove


Yesterday we had our seventh Skypy Sunday Chat Session.

I can’t believe that next week, we’ll be celebrating two months of our weekly live meetings! Time sure flies by, and it seems to be even more true with many of our countries opening up again, after months of lockdown.

It was great, again, to share our doubts and worries, aswell as good giggles… And it was the perfect way to say goodbye to last week, and hello to the new one coming. I hope you felt that way too!

A big big big thank you to Trina, Simon and Larry, for joining in, and putting a smile on my face. Thank you for taking the time to come and mingle, some of you pretty late at night. I really appreciate it, and I already hope you’ll be there again, next week.

Jill, if you read this, I am sorry you…

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2 Responses to *Reblog* Thank you… Again!

  1. Carol anne says:

    Sounds like fun! ❤

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