A lovely and productive weekend

On Saturday, I decided to give the bedrooms, a really good deep clean. This involves doing a shit ton more than my normal cleans during the weekdays.

For some reason, that sentence was really difficult to write. I have no idea why, its not like I am shy about sharing, yet for some reason, admitting that I do a really big clean in certain rooms on certain days during the week and then on a Satuday I have to do a massive deep clean on the same rooms is really difficult to admit.

I shall think about that for a bit and try and figure it out.

Anyway, I am also damn proud of both the bedrooms. I tackled Monkey’s room first and certain with his clothes, the child seems to have grown three foot, so I needed to figure out what was now too small. 3 massive bags of clothes later and a bag of old toys. I finally finished, getting Monkey to help wasn’t difficult, I informed him, that if I had to go through his toys and books, I would take out everything I thought he didn’t play with, with is everything but the lego.

My room, was a bit more difficult or easy depending on your view. This involved my partner’s clothes, now while I will go through my 8 year old’s clothes to sort out, I refuse to do it for my 39 year old partner. So while it pained me, any of his clothes lying around, got chucked in a bag with a big note to tell him to sort it out. It pained me for two reasons, one I wanted it sorted there and then and the second reason was I am aware its not going to get sorted till next Sunday.

With the bedrooms now cleaned, hoovered, skirting boards and doors washed down, everything polished and the insides of the windows sorted. I could sit down and chill.

Not quite, it was my turn to cook and I got pork belly out, which is a slow cook meat. I did this same recipe about a year ago, you can see the results here so with that nightmare in mind, I made sure to follow it exactly, before I started on the bedrooms, I marinated the meat. At four I stuck it in the oven and continued with the cleaning.

By 5pm I was done and sat down on the sofa, only to then move to the floor to continue sorting the lego. I think I am nearly finished with the lego, so I am very excited, at 6.30pm I checked the meat and thought, there is no way, that is going to last in the oven for another half an hour, so I chucked the recipe out the window and served up.

Sunday, I just chilled my partner had his eldest round, so the two boys get the big TV if they want to play on the Xbox, or do whatever, I have managed to hurt my back, so I spent the day lying in various places round the flat to try and get into a comfortable position.

Even with all of this niceness, my anxiety is rising in an alarming way, I am guessing it has to do with the fact that part of my brain is determined to keep up with the walking I have had to last week and the other part is telling me to stay in bed.

But needs must and if I want the internet, I am going to have to go and get electric. We are on emergency at the moment and it won’t last till my partner gets home tomorrow night, so I am going to have to go into town, to the one place that does it.

I am also one of those people, who doesn’t want to wear a mask, I get everything behind it, but I fucking hate them. I am also one of those people who will wear one while complaining about it. In this situation mine and monkey’s positions seem to be reversed, he will wear one with no complaint at all and inform me that I need to wear it and why and I am the one having a tempter tantrum on the floor about wearing them. Either way, on it goes and I get a treat for being good.




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2 Responses to A lovely and productive weekend

  1. Clean rooms give a positive feel indeed. 🙂

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