The last big push

Its the final big one, its the 16’s, the problem is once I was getting to this stage, I was unsure whether because they were so big was the reason the pile looked big or because there was so many of them

16 blocks

But then once you sort them into their different blocks

16 blocks shape

yeah it still looks like alot. Maybe once i have sorted them into colours

16 blocks colour

Down from a carrier bag into these little piles. Next load is 17-72, which sounds alot but to be honest numbers are missing from that. I don’t think we have anything for a 17 block. well yet at least.


P.S Lego if you see this and want to give me a job, just let me know, if anything you will know I am stubborn

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4 Responses to The last big push

  1. Carol anne says:

    Lol, you bloody deserve a job in lego for all the hard work you put in lol!

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