I need a different type

When I first started this blog, I put it on the only two social media I had, facebook and twitter, then facebook banned my blog over a year ago and its still not be sorted.

But then I thought, why not go with instagram and pinterest as well. The problem with that is, I don’t really take photographs. However I suddenly had a thought a week ago that at the moment, I and Monkey are taking a shit ton of photos of mainly lego.

Also with the summer holiday now upon us, I like to document what we are doing, its going to be a bit different this year than it was last year and I mean apart from COVID. Monkey is in a school closer to home, so he is able to do summer club this year and my partner works 6 out of 7 days, so we only really have the one day to do things as a family. He has no problem with us going out and about without him, but the big things like going to the beach and to different towns we like to do together, also it means if my anxiety gets the better of me, he is there to help.

This year is going to be doing some planning, we have also taken the decision that our Government is talking out of its arse, is no longer following the science (if it ever was) and wants the economy up and running no matter the sacrifices, so we are going to have to use our own judgement on what we consider safe.

Monkey needs to start getting out and about, we have been sitting in doors to much over the last 4 months, obviously some of them was a forced sit in, but some of it wasn’t.

I have deliberatly made the last 2 days into home days as he starts summer club on Wedneday and he will do that for 2 days a week,  but after Thursday we are going to do a trip out at least once a day.

He has lots of plans for what he wants to do, not limited to bowling (closed) indoor play area (also closed) swimming (council knocked our swimming pool down and rebuilding it), going for a walk in the woods (one I can do)

Then some bigger things, like Legoland (not sure) London (also not sure) Beach (not sure) we are going to have to make a judgement call on each of those. Not helped by the idiots protesting in London about not wearing a fucking mask.

You seen those videos of people (I think in the States, but I haven’t verified any of them) getting violent for being kicked out of places for not wearing masks. That is coming to the UK in a few days time when we have to wear a covering in any shop. (Mine have arrived and are awesome, may take a photo)

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  1. How about the zoo? Except for London Zoo, they usually have far more open spaces than something like Legoland (but then I never did like that place). We used to do tours of other playgrounds in town during the summer holidays — each had different equipment and so it kept things fresh. I also found a walk to a stream where you could ‘fish’ with a stick and a bit of string. Or just throw stones in. Cake for the one who threw the furthest. And or course, cake for the runner up (I had two boys).

    We went into town for the first time this morning and wore masks as soon as we left the car. It was Ok actually! Went to shoe shop to return mail order goods, the bank, Wilcos and the Natural Health shop. All pleasant. Wore plastic gloves in Wilcos, to pick up and handle the goods. Once back home we to explain how careful we were to our adult sons once we got back —they were very disapproving of the trip……

    The one problem was that on the way back to the car on narrow pavements an unmasked tall old bloke (the old Colonel type) deliberately walked almost into us while grinning. We stood aside and told him he was stupid and likely to die. But we get those idiots in our little suburb…. What annoys me is that they will clog up my NHS when I need it. 😉

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    • Annoyingly in terms of public transport London Zoo is closest, as the crow flies, it looks like its Marwell, but I am going to keep checking on that, as train times keep changing.

      Its good that the trip went well, I get some people are still not happy about going out (not helped by the government) but eventually people are going to have to start doing it. As long as you don’t get idiots like your guy. They are the main problem, I find this virus a little like religion, you might not believe in it, but have some respect for the people that do.

      I will say, so far I haven’t met anyone like that, but I have Monkey and people still believe he is a plague carrier and should be at home, so they give me a wide birth. I may get him a plague doctors mask

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      • Oh, yes, Plague Doctors fancy dress! Excellent!

        Some of the over sixties in our little town in Berkshire have never kept to the 2m social distancing and will laugh and taunt you if you walk around them. Bless their little hearts, reality now does’nt fit with how they want to live. They were breaking lockdown by visiting each other too, especially on VE day.

        Marwell is a great zoo, if you go, say hello to the Giraffes for me……

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      • I shall send Monkey in for you if you want. 😉

        I will indeed, Just keeping an eye now, trying to figure out the best way to get there

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  2. Carol anne says:

    that’s awesome trina! Enjoy the time with Monkey! I know you will! xoxo

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