I feel like that was a success

On Wednesday, Monkey went off to his Summer Club. It was at his school and I did wonder if any of his friends from his year would be there.

I will say I was once again a little pissed when they opened a gate and he more or less skipped in without a hug. Although I did call him back and demand one.

When I picked him up, he was sweaty with a great big beam on his face, so I consider that a success, there was no one from his class, but he had made two friends called umm and I can’t remember. Very weird names if you ask me, but that is what Monkey said.

He told me each and every second of his day, I assume to make up for the fact he hadn’t spoken to me in a whole 6 hours.

And what did I do? I shall let you guess. It was either

A. Have a massive wild party and invited all my friends

B. Took a day trip to France

C. Did the hoovering and then sorted lego.

I know which ones I would have preferred doing. But he has another day there tomorrow, so who knows what will happen.


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6 Responses to I feel like that was a success

  1. Carol anne says:

    Awww! So glad he had so much fun! That’s awesome!

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  2. My kids love umm, and I can’t remember. They are best friends 😉

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