Well that was weird

Weird morning on Thursday, drop Monkey off, walking along happily when this woman stopped me, asked me for directions, as probably everyone knows, this is a bad idea. I couldn’t help her, although the address seemed very familiar, to help me, she muttered what she was going for, couldn’t hear her. Her husband helpfully joins in and says the COVID mobile testing place.

Then another woman stops me and asked me where a certain road is, I am walking up this road, I try to explain this many many times, she wasn’t having it, checked to see if she meant a town with the same name, no she wanted that Road, we were standing on that road.

Popped into the fishmongers, I got tutted up, I am not sure what that was about, I was happily wearing my face covering to try and get use to it (see photo) it was fairly warm.

Plus side, the covid mobile testing place appears to be opposite my flat. Hopefully that couple found it.


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13 Responses to Well that was weird

  1. First photo I’ve seen of you! Very jaunty with the mask 🙂

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Hope they didn’t have covid! Praying that they didn’t! Hugs! 😘💖

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  3. Oh wow! that mask…… Has the fishmonger recovered yet??? 🙂

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