Well that can just bugger off

Today, I was working on my laptop and it suddenly died and refused to turn back on.

No idea what is wrong with it.

I have called a person to come and fix it and told them I really need it back or I will cry. Hopefully that will work. Maybe it just needs a break, but without it, my anxiety has gone right up. I have everything on there.

The sort of good news, is that I do have Monkey’s laptop, which although slower and doesn’t have any documents on it, will do the job.

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19 Responses to Well that can just bugger off

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  2. What do you use for writing program etc? Reason I am asking is that I use Evernote and it is synced across my laptop and phone. Also google docs is great way to go as it is automatically stored in the ‘cloud’ and is accessible from your phone as well. Otherwise I know the horror of a laptop dying with all your info there and omg how do I get it back. Thank goodness for techies. Hope it is good day. And tell your anxiety that all will be ok. I know she won’t listen ’cause she is an evil you know what but at least you are telling her what to do….. hugs love πŸ™‚

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  3. When my laptop broke that was 10 years ago, I had to wait a week to get a stimulus check and just bought a new one as I never took care of my old one. Lessons learned I tell you. Lolll Hope you get yours fixed soon!

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  4. KDKH says:

    That’s a good plan B, but I hope your laptop gets fixed soon!

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  5. Carol anne says:

    Well shit! I hope you get it working again!
    I hate when anything goes wrong with my computer! ❀

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