oooohh don’t you bloody dare

Rumours are fierce at the moment, that schools might not be going back till October.

I don’t think myself and Monkey can cope for another 6 weeks of homeschooling. Not only that, but that is going to screw alot of workers, most of whom are all going to be women.

On top of this, children need to go back to school, if you haven’t opted to homeschool before its been tough for both adult and child, but when you have children, who haven’t really been able to socialise they are missing out on a massive piece of their lives.

And I haven’t even gone into those children under the poverty line, whose main hot meal is their school dinner, or those children in abusive homes who only escape is school.

Kids need to go back, I am waiting on something more concrete from the government, before I make a proper move, but I will only give it another couple of weeks, before writing an email to my MP about how important it is.

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11 Responses to oooohh don’t you bloody dare

  1. I would be feeling just as you do if my lads were still at school. On the other side, I have friends who are teachers who are very afraid of going back to face-to-face teaching. It’s going to be a bumpy ride whatever happens.

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  2. As a teacher, I’m not teaching this year because I don’t want to be exposed to the virus. This is about keeping people healthy, children, their parents, teachers and the entire staff of the school. Unfortunately, in places like the US and UK, without an adequate day care system, it has consequences for working parents. I don’t know what the solution is, but every country that has gone back to school too soon has ended in disaster. (Israel, and some states in the US for example).

    Every time I read a post anywhere begging for schools to go back, it honestly feels like that they don’t care if I die. It’s been hell on my anxiety as a teacher and as a human being.

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    • If you have a look at the comment above this, I think we cross posted, where I have said teaching is the only profession I know of that is being asked to go back into a room with 30 other people and in some cases those 30 people don’t know how to social distance at all.

      I also don’t think the solution should be on the teachers, the government should be coming up with something and I have no problem with teachers saying, you must be crazy its not safe.

      In the UK though, the government are saying you have to send your kids back and if the teachers don’t want to go back they quit. A better solution would be to say right x amount of children are not coming back and x amount of teachers are not coming back. Those teachers continue with homeschooling those children. Everyone else we are going to do half days for now. or staggered timings. Just something, but I do think its important for the kids to go back, alot of schools in Europe have done it and it has been successful so it can be done, but only with the cooperation of parents, teachers and schools

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      • I didn’t see the comment above this so I apologise for that!

        It is definitely on the government. I can only speak coming from the US (but from what I can tell, the UK is not much better), but the US has 75,000 cases a day and some schools refuse to allow teachers to wear masks. They also say “if you don’t like it, quit”, and teachers are quitting. The whole thing is a mess. There is no way in the US that schools should be back in session yet. I haven’t read much about the UK, and I certainly hope they’re doing better so that they can go back.

        I wish there was some great option for you and your child and understand where you’re coming from completely. I just want everyone safe, and this virus has caused more than one severe panic attack on my end. 😦

        Just stay safe and healthy!

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      • I think we cross posted, so need for the apology. I know teachers are scared and personally so would I be.

        Our government is very much like that, shove them all and off we go. The schools in Europe that have opened successfully, have done things like halved the class size, have 15 (maximum) children in the mornings, next 15 in the afternoon. or a set of children in on one day, that sort of thing.

        I hope you are keeping safe, I do understand the fear about this whole thing, it seems that the government think teachers are immune to this and they don’t have vulnerable people at home. I honestly don’t understand what they are thinking

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      • The government isn’t thinking at all. I’m taking the year off and don’t leave the house…I’m looking at how to get back to Spain as living in the US is not good for my mental health 😦 I hope you’re staying safe too!

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      • we are still getting on with day to day life but trying to limit how much contact we have with people

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  3. Carol anne says:

    I agree! Kids need to go back now! They need structure and their routine back again!

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