Now what has happened there

I had a lovely day yesterday, I dropped Monkey off at his Summer Club and then saw my Dad for the first time since the start of March.

He took me out for a lovely lunch, it was great to have a catch up, then straight home, half hour rest and then picked Monkey back up.

Then I am not sure what happened, I got home and I was really started to feel ill, the problem was I wasn’t sure if it was a type of bug or my anxiety had started playing up, or just because I was hot, it didn’t help that I wasn’t suitably dressed for the weather, so the 2 mile walk was a tough one.

I did perk up round 9pm, but I still had this feeling of not being 100%. Its going to be hot tomorrow, so I am thinking, we are just going to chill till I figure out what is going on.

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6 Responses to Now what has happened there

  1. Is it possible that you might have heat stroke? lots of water and/or gateraid. I know you know this but much like everyone told me to ice and wrap my hand after I banged it on door. So I am now being the one to state the obvious. Hugs. Keep posted please. 🙂

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  2. Carol anne says:

    A good idea to just chill out in the heat!
    So glad you got to spend time with your dad!

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