On Friday,  I came down with some bug, its amusing to me, as I barely go out so god knows where I picked it up from, but basically I did the bare minimum needed to get both myself and Monkey through the day, till my partner got home and then went and curled up in bed.

Saturday was very similar, I did start feeling better in the afternoon and managed to cook food in the evening, catch up on the emails and the weekend share, however when my partner got home, he was suffering from the same thing. So off he went to bed and curled up.

Sunday, we both felt a wee bit better, me much better than I was, he was still suffering. Not helped by the heat I must admit.

Did a cracking roast dinner though. Although neither of us were that hungry and we are both worried that Monkey is going to catch it.

That was our weekend, it went from a family friendly weekend to us being miserable and ill. Maybe next weekend

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4 Responses to Urgggg

  1. Let’s hope it’s only a normal 24 hr summer bug, Trina 🤗❤️🤗

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  2. Carol anne says:

    was it a tummy bug? Ug I hate those damn things! So frustrating! Hopefully monkey doesn’t catch it!

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