RIP Laptop

I got the phonecall today, that they wanted to order another part, or the same part, either way it was going to cost over 200 quid plus VAT. So once you put the work in it was closer to three hundred.

The laptop didn’t cost that much and also can get a laptop for cheaper than that. They are going to try and get all the data off for me, the one thing this is going to teach me, is to back my stuff up.

As always I am looking for the silver lining, it seems to be they can’t access my google search, because it would be an uncomfortable conversations why I was googling Lime Pits and the right one to use in the UK to get rid of a body

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6 Responses to RIP Laptop

  1. Booo hooo! My condolences. : (

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  2. Got to back things up… buy a hard drive today. Don’t put it off.

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  3. Carol anne says:

    wow! I rarely back up mine either! Need to do it! I do use dropbox and open drive! so will back stuff up on the cloud!

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