2 weeks, just 2 weeks

As far as I am aware (and this might change depending on the government) Monkey is still going to school in 2 weeks time, this means I can no longer put off buying him a school jumper.

I was hoping, that some announcement may happen, talking about the safety of children and teachers but nothing yet.

Its been a weird summer holiday, we have been very limited in what we can do, I keep hoping that COVID is going to go away and we can spend some time doing fun things without wearing a mask to get there.

On the plus side Monkey is really looking forward to going back, although apparently he will miss playing minecraft.

Just two weeks left for the government to change its mind

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7 Responses to 2 weeks, just 2 weeks

  1. We just had our plan emailed out yesterday. It was funny because almost all the moms yesterday and quite a few teachers that were through all were discussing what was going to happen and voila not one but two emails. One has to do with transportation as Tember takes bus to his dad’s after school two weeks out of the month. Not sure how to explain that one so they can plan for him to only be on for 10 days. I still need to read over the whole plan. But masks are being strongly encouraged for Tember’s grade so I must find some for us. Most likely will be required to wear them at work as well. Need to find some small enough for my face as I am not able to sew anything to alter the ones that work will provide. Have a good day and just hang out with Monkey today. If you are anything like me (I shop like two days before school starts for the most part) you still have like 12 days to procrastinate. Have a great week. 🙂

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  2. Carol anne says:

    I hope they wont change their mind about the kids going to school! Its the same way here, different announcements keep coming about what is going to happen when the schools reopen!

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