Biff Pow Bang

Thats how I felt most of Monday, I am really struggling with my anxiety and I keep hoping it is going to go away.

I managed to distract myself for a time, with planning a day out in London some time next year.

But the intrusive thoughts kept hitting me, it is really tough to get through anything.

I managed to do all my cleaning, keep on top of emails, so that is one thing, but it takes so much energy that it took 3 times as long to do them.

I keep hoping its going to get better and I have a shit ton to do today (Tuesday) especially going out and on Wednesday Monkey has his summer club, so I need to get him there and pick him up again.

I just wish it would fuck off and leave me to my life, I just feel so trapped and its not a good way to live.

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8 Responses to Biff Pow Bang

  1. Hugs love. One of the things I did when I was facing my anxiety and depression was that I focused on one task per day. I had to accomplish one thing. Whether making bed, doing dishes, a load of laundry as long as I did that one thing it was a good day. And then I began to add as I was able to. This is what worked for me just wanted to give you ideas. Deep breaths and when that awful b***h rears her head tell her to f**k off! You are going to take over the world with me. Or rather I am going to take over the world with you. We really must begin to plan. 🙂

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  2. Carol anne says:

    big hug it is horrible, I’m right there with ya! xox

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