Yesterday was strange

I didn’t sleep very well on Wednesday night, so I struggled to get up on Thursday to take Monkey to his club, we were running a bit late, so I thought lets grab the bus, couldn’t find my purse.

Had some spare cash in my pocket, so took that, got on the bus and he refused to take cash. I wasn’t going to argue, so got off the bus and we walked it quickly.

Managed to get there 5 minutes late. I got back home and was so tired, I went back to bed and there I stayed till 3pm.

Got up, grabbed Monkey from his club and then did the cleaning, cooked dinner and started on emails.

So unproductive day, but quite a productive evening.

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7 Responses to Yesterday was strange

  1. Carol anne says:

    You still got a fair bit accomplished! Go you! 😀

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  2. I would not call it an unproductive day. I would call it a day taken in self-care. Recharging yourself and your batteries. 🙂

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