What did I do wrong?

I have seen a lot of posts about the new block editor and I get that some people are managing very well on it.

However I dislike it, didn’t figure out how much I disliked it till this weekend. Basically when I set up the weekend share, most of the posts I do press this. This allows me to schedule the posts and crack on with my weekend. Generally the whole point of the weekend share is to connect bloggers, allow you to read posts you might not do otherwise.

And to give me a weekend off to spend with Monkey. Not as important at the moment, because we have spent every single day since March together, but when he is at school its important.

This weekend, Saturday was spent me cursing wordpress, on a normal week I set everything up on a Friday and do a quick catch up for any posts I may have missed on a Saturday. What I found is that when I did Press this. I had to add the link in myself, it was really slow to load, we aren’t talking minutes here and transferring a link doesn’t take an hour. But when we are talking about up to 48 posts, those extra seconds start to add up.

Also if I hit the wrong button when trying to do tags, the whole post went away, I did one post four times again not a long period of time but its annoying and wasteful

Also I get very annoyed with change and the fact Facebook decided to change its format on the same day meant I was even more annoyed.

This weekend did not go smoothly, so where does that leave me?

I am going to give it a few weeks, I may get use to it, wordpress might figure out some of the bugs or they may change it back but if it goes on like it has done, I may have to shut the weekend share down.

I know some bloggers have shut their blogs down and moved onto other platforms, I wont be doing that, if I really can’t get on with it, then I will just shut down my blog and leave it, silver lining more time to sleep

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9 Responses to What did I do wrong?

  1. 🙂 I recommend watching a Block Editor tutorial on YouTube (Hopefully, that should help you to learn about the Block Editor at a faster rate).

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  2. Cyranny says:

    I thought sleep was for the weak?!?

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  3. Carol anne says:

    don’t close it down! the blog! I’d miss you! Please, stay! Wach a orial and hopefully that will work!


  4. If the tutorials don’t help, you could go to
    At the bottom of the screen is a GET HELP button. That will give you a form to tell WordPress.com support what your problem is.

    I did this with an image library problem today and found out it was my browser, but they will work to get it fixed. No timescale as it’s a fault in FireFox, but at least if it drives me crazy I can use another browser….

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