I really should get an early night

Monkey has his Summer Club tomorrow and I need to make sure we are on time, its not early, so put that thought out of you head, we leave the house at 9.30am.

While we have been trying to get into a good routine, when you don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time, we both sort of chill out till we are ready.

But on a Wednesday and Thursday he is up and ready to go at 8.30 while I am struggling to wake up, an early night might do it, but also I am not tired and with the wind the way it is, its not likely, but I will see

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10 Responses to I really should get an early night

  1. Go, Monkey! Good for him, up and ready.

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  2. Me too, dentist appt for Eagle across town at 9 am tomorrow. Why did I schedule it that early? Thinking we’d be getting up early the week before school. Hah!

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  3. Carol anne says:

    did it work? did you sleep? I had an early night last night too!

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