Slightly more relaxed

I seem to be getting into my new routine, although it has been helped by Monkey being at holiday club Wednesday and Thursdays, it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, when I am so use to having him around.

My main thing seems to be remembering to pick him up at 3.15 instead of the 4pm I have gotten use to.

Also the school seem to have taken the concerns that social distancing was pants yesterday and have sent out new communications as to when we go to pick them up, so hopefully it wont be as bad as it was yesterday.

I have finished all my cleaning and now just sitting down for lunch. Fingers cross this continues, although I am very tired, but I am scared if I drop off, I won’t wake up in time, so I will just keep myself busy.

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4 Responses to Slightly more relaxed

  1. Carol anne says:

    Glad you are settling back into the new routine ok! I hope you sleep tonight! Fingers crossed 😁

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