I just want a decent night sleep

I am not sleeping at night at the moment, max I am getting is 3 hours and I am struggling to stay awake during the day, meaning I am falling asleep and then the whole circle starts all over again.

I am going to try and keep myself busy today and just pray I get to 5pm when my partner gets home and have a nap for an hour to get myself through to 10 ish when I shall head to bed and hopefully get a full nights sleep.

Means I am going to have to get the weekend share sorted completely during the day, so another job to keep myself busy.

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8 Responses to I just want a decent night sleep

  1. Carol anne says:

    did you make it? Did you have a nap? Love to you hun I hope its better tonight!

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  2. fahimay says:

    I was going through this a few days back. Didn’t understand why I couldn’t get a single minute of shut eye at night and ended up sleeping hours after lunch. My day was totally out of order and I was getting horribly depressed. But with a little effort and God’s grace, things got better. Don’t worry, it’s just a phase. You’ll spend your nights snoozing in no time.

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