And just when I think this government can’t get any worse.

They come out with more shit. In the UK, we were allowed to meet up with people outside up to 30 people, inside I think was only 2 households. Schools are reopen and everything seemed to be going back to normal.

Christ, even the news started banging on about Brexit again. But our cases are starting to rise over 3000 tested positive although our death rates are low.

So what the government have done is impose local lockdowns and as of today we can now only meet up with groups up to 6.

Lets start with why they announced this on Wednesday but the law was only imposed today, well basically, its to give the British public time to get use to it. Or it might have to do with the Doncaster horse racing, which on Wednesday had crowds up to 3000 and still the government did nothing, but the local council did and told them to either shut down or have it behind doors, so no crowds. Why is this important? There is a lady called Dido Harding, who happens to be in charge of our track and trace (which is a fucking disaster) who also happens to be on the board of the Doncaster race track. Now apparently this has nothing to do with it, but I am starting to get to a point where I am thinking, they are still out to get as much money for themselves and fuck everyone else.

What are the new rules with this groups of up to 6? Its very simple, you can only meet up in groups of 6, unless you are at school, work, a sports venue, a wedding or a funeral. Because the important thing to note, is that COVID doesn’t go to any of these places.

The stupid thing is Monkey can go to school mixing with his year group of about 90 children yet he can’t go to the park with 6 friends.

I can’t meet up with my sister, her husband and 2 kids because that would make us a group of 7, but what I can do is my sister and myself plus 3 children can go to the park and my partner and her husband can go to the pub. Then meet up with our respective partners later but not together.

The rules don’t make any sense at all, I get that there is no one rule, but this whole thing makes no bloody sense to anyone.

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27 Responses to And just when I think this government can’t get any worse.

  1. Nothing this shitstorm Government is doing makes any sense, you can go to work but don’t meet up with more than 6. Maintain 2 metres between everyone even at work. If this isn’t possible then catch and spread the disease because you won’t develop symptoms for at least 2 weeks and by then you can have infected thousands more. Don’t worry about that though because jobs are being lost quicker than people are dying and we need more to die so there will be enough work for those left to do them.
    As long as the people getting benefits are in the category of deaths then we will have even more money to steal from you lot, especially if they are pensions because we’ve been stealing your pensions since 1979 and you didn’t notice, joke’s on you because immigration was never the problem, nor was the EU, the problem is us and our pals taking money out of the economy so we can sit on it to make even more money for us.

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    • Completely bang on and while I am not a massive tin hat wearer, I do wonder if there is a document or a conversation has been recorded regarding care homes and how that was more deliberate than it first seems

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      • Didn’t you know that in February/early March, johnson was talking about a scorched earth policy, just let the pandemic move through the population unchecked and everyone should be ready to lose their loved ones. It was only when the death total was estimated at roughly 500,000 mainly elderly and those on benefits that he changed his mind and locked us down. Of course he knew that without testing a lot of those in hospital would have the virus so he told the hospitals to send them back to their care homes just so they could infect everyone else and then that care home could be closed. If I could get the SNP to field a candidate here in Newcastle then they would get my vote and a lot of others feel the same way around here.

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      • They managed to spin that fairly effectively though as we didn’t know what would happen, despite watching it happening in Europe.

        I did think last year that most of the North would be happy to move the Scottish boarder down and then have an Indy ref but since the election I am very unsure of what is going on

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      • I’ve got family in Scotland and Nicola Sturgeon has done more for the people in Scotland than johnson has done for us in England. So much so that the majority today would vote for Independence, the latest figures are 60% for Independence which is why johnson won’t agree, because he knows that an Independent Scotland will apply to rejoin the EU and willingly accept the Euro if he refuses to allow them to keep the pound.
        The Good Friday Agreement is about to be ditched when he breaks International Law and tears up the Great Oven Ready Deal with the EU. If I were still in Scotland I would vote for Independence and not just because I voted Remain in the referendum.

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      • I am the same, but my family don’t like her, however they like Johnson even less, when he got in, in December I said he would probably be the last PM of the UK and NI

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      • Somehow I think it’s gonna be more than NI who’ll be leaving the sinking ship, once Ireland is reunited then I will be surprised if Scotland and Wales stick around for much longer.

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      • I think Scotland will go before NI

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      • Have to agree with you and the more johnson tells them no they can’t have a referendum the more the Scots will demand one or else they’ll leave anyway. Hard headed as they are they can put Nicola Sturgeon between a rock and a hard place with Westminster.

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      • I still have hopes that at some point they are going to admit Brexit is a disaster, but I am now at the point of thinking, they are going call a GE very soon and loose it leaving Labour to deal with it. I think if they wait for another 4 years people’s memories are so short they are not going to remember this shitstorm that is happening all around us at the moment and any problems with Brexit is going to be blamed on COVID

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      • I am afraid you may be right, whatever happens with Brexit I reckon johnson is going to step down in January blaming it on ill health due to Covid19, which I doubt he has even had. I reckon he just wanted to hide in plain sight while taking another break from the job he has worked towards all his miserable lying life.

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      • I have a different theory on the whole him getting COVID, I think he checked into an intense addiction treatment programme to get help for a drinking problem.

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      • Drinking problem or drug problem? But you could be onto something there…

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      • Drinking, apparently he promised he would not have a drink until Brexit was sorted, that went out the window within 3 weeks

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  2. Be glad you aren’t in the US lol. We don’t even have healthcare during a pandemic!

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  3. The US is even worse. I feel like they can’t make up their minds. Some schools are virtual while others are in person. In my state, our governor encouraged schools to change their minds and be in person when if was already planned to be virtual. School started 2 days before after he announced that. Movie theaters are opening. But they say restaurants indoors is where most people are getting it. Idk who to believe.
    With flu season happening soon, I’m afraid it’s going to get worse.

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  4. Carol anne says:

    Ireland isn’t far behind! We’ve got a plan coming out today, a covid plan, about how to live alongside the virus for the next few months. I am wondering what will be in that plan, will find out later on this morning!

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