It has been a while

Way back in April, it was Monkey’s birthday, we had to postpone his party and as it was starting to get into winter, we made the decision to ask for a refund on the deposit, but the problem was it is a local shop and I felt bad.

So we came to an arrangement with the owner, that we would use the money and instead get all my family to come, it was never going to be the party that Monkey wanted, but at the moment, there is no way parents were going to allow their kids to come to a birthday party.

We arranged it for next Sunday and then the government changed the rules on us, saying only 6 people, I haven’t seen either of my sisters since January and as a family we haven’t been together since Christmas, so between me and one sister, we did an emergency conversation to bring the party forward to Sunday before the new rules get involved.

We managed it and fun was had by all. Monkey even got more presents.

As he said when we got home, mummy, it was very exciting I even got more presents from everyone apart from you.

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6 Responses to It has been a while

  1. Mummy you clearly dropped the ball here as Monkey pointed out to you. LOL glad you were able to circumvent the gov’t and meet with the family. 🙂

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Lol you should’ve said to him your present was the party! 😀

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