My brain sucks

I have not been sleeping well, normally getting 3 hours a night, but then napping throughout the day.

Last night, I was really exhausted, I eventually fell asleep just before 2am, looking forward to a good 5-6 hours sleep.

But my brain decided that was not much fun, I woke up from a dream at just before 6, so 4 hours sleep, which I will say is an improvement, but it was the dream that disturbs me.

It was basically for some reason myself and my partner were in a city near us, when we suddenly realised we were late to go pick Monkey up. For some reason we got seperated and he ended up going on the train, while I got a cab, but I was stuck in a traffic jam because someone called Gemma Collins (she is real and a reality star) had been in a car accident.

Then for some reason my partner’s train stopped and by this point, we left at 9.45pm and we were both still stuck at 1am and whoever had Monkey was threatening to leave him alone, so I woke up in a bit of a panic and found it difficult to get back to sleep so just got up and started doing what jobs I could while the rest of the place slept.

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10 Responses to My brain sucks

  1. The New York Times did a report on wired dreams in the pandeamic, dunno if it helps, but you are not alone.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    oh how horrible! I hate bad dreams!

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