I need to figure a way

to try and stay awake till 10pm, at the moment, I am either falling asleep around 5pm for an hour to so, or managing to get past 8pm and then falling asleep for up to 3 hours.

I think if I can crack that, then I may be able to sleep at night for a bit longer than 4 hours, that is going to be my challenge for next week.

I say next week because of the weekend, my sleep always gets a bit screwy, but I am hoping to keep a handle on it, so even though I may get a lie in, on Monday I will still wake up at 6.30am ready to go

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6 Responses to I need to figure a way

  1. Carol anne says:

    Good luck with it Trina! I need to do the same kinda thing I think!

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  2. Have you tried a blue light? I have a Phillips Blue Light (can be ordered off of Amazon) I use in the morning as I find I tend to tire out in the afternoon. It can be used to regulate something. I just cannot remember what. So far so good. It works well in the winter too with regards to my SADS.

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