COVID has a curfew

I was hoping that Boris Johnson might have said something about new restrictions by now, given that we had a lovely speech from scientists.

So far what we have in England, is that you can’t meet up in groups more than 6 at anyone time.

But, COVID doesn’t come to Weddings, funerals, schools, work places or grouse shootings.

So if you are in England, our version of COVID is different from everyone elses, as it seems to have some very specific rules about where it goes to infect people, for example its fine in resturants and in pubs.

But now its seems, COVID is being a bit tricky and now will start infecting you if you are in a pub after 10pm, so the sensible thing is to shut down pubs at 10pm.

This all makes perfect sense to our Government, but not to anyone else.

Not to mention, our darling PM is dealing with rumours about travelling to Italy for a quick weekend holiday to visit a friend. Who may or not be Russian.

Weirdly Italy, is in our travel corridor, one of the few countries that is still in there.

I am not saying our government is corrupt, but if the shoe fits.

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7 Responses to COVID has a curfew

  1. Carol anne says:

    I saw that was happening in England. Very weird indeed! Xx

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  2. Miriam says:

    Oh yes, it’s the same down under. Apparently our version of Covid has a curfew of 9pm. Go figure 😕

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