This is not going to work.

The government have launched their track and trace app. Apparently it is going to work wonders, if you get a notification saying you have been in contact with someone who has had a positive Covid test, then you will self isolate for 14 days.

This would be great if you could get a test and results in 24 hours. But you can’t, if you can’t get one within 5 days you need to isolate for the 14 days. What I am still not sure of, is if you come down with symptoms on day 13, whether you then need to self isolate for another 10, meaning your family might have to self isolate for 28 days, which is what the government seem to be saying.

The government are also saying if you don’t have symptoms don’t get a test.

Anyway, getting the notification is not a legal requirement, morally yes, its only if you get a phonecall from an actual person, it starts being a legal requirement to self isolate.

Now I am sure for someone like Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary who is on a minimum of £81,932 and can work from home, having a month isolating is not going to be a problem.

But lets take the 900,000 people who are on zero hour contracts. I wonder what the chances are of them self isolating with no support for a month, let alone the over 3 million people who were self employed at the start of the year and got no support for the last 6 months. I can’t see them doing it either.

The government needs to get his head out of their arses and look at the people who have the opportunity to spread it to a large amount of people and that is people on zero hour contracts who can’t afford not to work.

The Health Secretary has said that employers will give the usual level of sickness support for those who have to self isolate, not great for people on zero hour who often get refused sick pay and even if they did, those people along with people on minimum wage won’t get a wage for the first 3 days and then £95.85 a week, which wouldn’t cover my rent, let alone anything else.

The government have fucked this up and at the start of this, I would have said its something we haven’t dealt with, they are learning, now we are hitting dangerous territory of them knowing and not giving a shit

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5 Responses to This is not going to work.

  1. Carol anne says:

    Yep, they’ve fucked it up good! Sorry to say! xo

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