Not a great morning, but lets find the silver lining

This morning, my partner took the electric key with him to top it up on his way home, this would have been fine, if he had remembered to put on the emergency (we get £5 just incase)

As I took Monkey to school, I just double checked it and we had 8p left, I gave him a ring and he had forgotten to add the emergency on.

Leaving us with 3 options

  1. He comes back and be late for work
  2. I sit without electric till he gets home
  3. I go to his work and pick up the electric key and either add more on, or just use the emergency till tomorrow.

My first preference was option 1, you can imagine this was not my partner’s. So onto option 2 on some days, I may be able to do this but not on a Friday when I need my laptop to sort out bills and such like. Leaving me with option 3.

As you can imagine, this was not going to be a fun thing to do, its only a 10 minute drive by car, which we don’t have. 2 and a half hours later, I arrive back home, not wanting to leave my flat again (but knowing I have to pick up Monkey)

Where is the silver lining in all this? I fucking did it, by myself. Me. I went on a train walked to his work, got the key and got back home. It involved a lot of distraction, mainly using Pokemon Go (that shit is addictive) But I got lots of new pokemon for Monkey. I am now back at home, gearing up to collect Monkey in a few hours, just cracking on with paying bills.

It is exhausting and took up a lot of mental energy, but knowing that this is a quiet weekend, as Monkey as hurt his foot and I am a wee bit worried about it, I have promised him a weekend of lego, minecraft and board games, so that he can try and rest it and we will see how it is on Monday.

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2 Responses to Not a great morning, but lets find the silver lining

  1. Carol anne says:

    go you I am so proud of you! You see? There is always a silver lining! But am so glad you’ve got electric now again! hate being without it!

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