Same storm but very different boats

I read this phrase on a forum recently and it does say exactly what I wanted to about what is going on in the UK, especially England.

New rules have been introduced that pubs and resturants are to close at 10pm. There is however at least one place that isn’t closing and that is the bar at the Houses of Parliament, because it is classed as a workplace canteen.

This new loophole for our ministers is just another example of one rule of them and one rule for the rest of us.

Recently, they have realised the track and trace App, part 2. Part 1 was a disaster, part 2 seems to be going the same way.

Part 2 can only be used on the last phones and now places are refusing entry to you, unless you have it on your phone. The government, seem to think everyone goes out and buys the latest phone as soon as it comes out, rather than what does happen, is you get a phone and try and keep it going for as long as possible.

When this crisis started in the UK, phrases were used such as no one left behind, we are all in it together. These have both proved to be bollocks, as the over 3 million people can attest after having no support for over 6 months, and the all in it together is pure bollocks, because we are not.

Our children, get sent to school, mix with 120 other kids, the children of rich parents, get temperature checked and tested when they entered the school.

Its not fair, I can only hope that this is the wake up call, Britain needs to get this government out. Before they kill many more people due to their incompetence.

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2 Responses to Same storm but very different boats

  1. Carol anne says:

    Its just, awful! Every time I see boris, I want to say, man get the poshy accent off you and just do your job properly, mind you, our government aren’t much better!

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