End of the month, start of the month

By the time we are getting to the end of the month, we get a lot more creative with our meals, as we use what we have, I do a monthly shop, rather than weekly and get it out the way, it normally means at the start of the month, we have no room in our fridge or freezer and since both myself and my partner have worked in retail we are very good at stock rotation.

For those who might not know, its basically when we get something in it goes to the back, behind the stuff already there. So the oldest always gets used up because we also both hate waste.

The monthly shop was a saver during the lockdown, because neither of us drive and we couldn’t get a delivery, we were able to put off going alot longer than most people because we had our stocks to go through, basically its being prepared, although I am not sure that is going to save us, when Brexit hits us.

To give you an idea of what I am talking about

Freezer before going to the butcher

Butcher afterwards, all the brown bags are various different meats

Then we have the tesco shop

That bottle of wine is something that we keep shifting around, because neither of us can stand it, so we are trying to use it food, any recipes welcome

Now that is much better.

Although the fresh stuff won’t last us the full month, we won’t have to buy meat, cleaning products, pet food etc for the month, Also means I won’t have to go out again for another 4 weeks.

In four photos, the worst of the end of the month and the best of the start of the month

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8 Responses to End of the month, start of the month

  1. annj49 says:

    I envy your organization……!

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  2. We have tins of stuff in various hideyholes waiting for Brexit. And some large bags of lentils…..

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  3. Carol anne says:

    I wish I was that organised! I’m not! Lol!

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