One way to get out of a presidentional debate

Early on Friday morning, the news broke that Trump had contracted Covid, the first thing I actually saw was fake news trending all over twitter, it is a mark of the man that as soon as news is realised most thoughts seem to be he is lying.

I initially thought that, given that the debate, from what I can gather, was a shitstorm on both sides.

However, it does make very little sense, that he would do this, given that he is very much his own man and has little backup if he does go ill, plus fundraising.

It is possible, that he will use this as an excuse to delay the election or this is the reason why he might lose. Maybe he is going for the sympathy vote.

Also, I have to take into account, he seems to be a man who thinks illness is a weakness, so would be really use Covid has an excuse, maybe he is going to come out of it and say see, told you it wasn’t serious.

So, is it a lie? Probably not, but who knows. The one thing I am fairly sure of, is the first lady doesn’t have it, but they have to say she has otherwise they will have to admit, that she has not been within 2 meters of her husband for less than 15 minutes for months.

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2 Responses to One way to get out of a presidentional debate

  1. Carol anne says:

    Oh I think he has it, but to what degree, like, how serious it is I am unsure, but what he did over the weekend, coming out of the hospital and getting in a car with 2 secret service people and waving at people from the car, who does that? I mean how did his doctors agree to it?

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