I know its bad

When I cant figure out where to start on talking about the government, I mean, I am not their biggest fan, but I am really struggling on where to start.

Track and Trace? Why was the contract given to someone who is shit, sure that has nothing to do with who is her husbands best friend

£3bn has gone missing and I am not sure they have checked behind the sofa

The new 3 tier system, which seems to be trouble, in deep shit, doomed

The new payrise for MPs (and extra £4k a year) but now is not the right time to talk about a payrise for nurses

Why have all pubs and clubs closed but not Wetherspoons and I am sure that has nothing to do with the owner donating a shit ton of money to the Tory Party and the leave campaign.

I mean, where do you start? And that is just the pandemic, lets not forget Brexit

Agricultural bill has been voted down, which means our food market is open, the US deal is apparently based on the fact that they don’t want country of origin included on packaging. I want to know where my meat has come from and lets not forget the Government promised there would be no compromise on this

We have basically given Kent to the French, the car park which was warned about is now becoming a reality, despite promises that it wouldn’t

Fuck knows what is going to happen with the NHS and how much that is being sold to private companies.

I literally have no idea where to start and this nightmare is to continue for another 4 years

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2 Responses to I know its bad

  1. Carol anne says:

    God! that sounds awful! Its baaad! xo

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