*Reblog* And here’s to 20 more…

If you can join, you really should, it is alot of fun

Cyranny's Cove



Last Friday, I hosted my 20th Skypy session.

In shorts, every week, I open a Skype conference room and share the link in The Cove, for anyone who is interested in joining for a little chat.

It’s nothing fancy, just a place to meet, mingle and have fun.

I started it five months ago, because as much as I love Chéri, not seeing anyone else was starting to take a toll on my sanity (or what was left of it, mouhahahahaha). And I thought that, just maybe, some other people felt the same.

I think it just feels good to come together as bloggers, even if we don’t necessarily talk about blogging. We rant, we laugh, we debate, we share… And it’s all good. I just hope everyone hangs up with the same feeling I personally have, every week. Feeling good for having had such a good time with…

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1 Response to *Reblog* And here’s to 20 more…

  1. Carol anne says:

    Yes! Its a great idea! Heres to many more!

    Liked by 1 person

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