The good thing and the bad thing

I suppose the good thing about me and my mental health is I can go from one emotion to another, its like being a yoyo going up and down.

I have often said there is a no better liar than someone who has mental health problems, we often lie about how we are doing and the masks we wear can be the best masks out there, not many people can tell if we are the mask or if there is something behind.

For myself, its sometimes difficult to know if I am down, even for myself, I am getting better at admitting it to myself and my partner, but I am very good at masking it even from myself.

But since I have started getting better, I do find myself bouncing, the good thing is I can from really angry to being alright and trying to find the bright side, the bad thing is this makes me very unpredictiable. Am I going to start yelling? Am I going to go hide in a fort? Am I going to burst into tears.

As I explained to my partner though, as long as I am feeling something that is better than feeling nothing.

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6 Responses to The good thing and the bad thing

  1. AP2 says:

    Coming out of my depression after several years I noticed that anger was a very difficult emotion for me to deal with. I think because I’d repressed it for so long – as a result I didn’t have an adult relationship with that emotion. It was never emotion I ever thought I would struggle with. On the flip side I found that I was experiencing all my emotions – both good and bad more intensely than I had in years. Definitely better to feel something rather than nothing as you say. Wishing you well, AP2 🙏

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  2. I think the fact that you are conscious of your ups and downs puts you in good stead. Living life in a way that is self aware seems important to mental health.

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Its definitely good that you can catch it, and feeling something is definitely better than feeling nothing. 😍🌹

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